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Gin and Strawberry Basil Tonic

Gin and Strawberry Basil Tonic Ingredients

Gin and Strawberry Basil Tonic Toppings

Gin and Strawberry Basil Tonic Description

The Gin and Strawberry Basil Tonic cocktail recipe:

Cut the basil leaves in small pieces to release the flavor. Do the same with the 2 strawberries. Add some ice to a cocktails shaker and put the basil leaves, the strawberries and the gin in it. Shake an strain into a martini glass. Cut a strawberry into 3 slices and put a small cut in them at the bottom so you can put them on the rim. You can also cut up a basil leave and add it to the cocktail to add some more flavor, but then you’ll a straw to drink the cocktail.

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