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Glühwein Ingredients

Glühwein Description

How to make Glühwein?

Gluwhein recipe description:

Warm up your winter evenings with a homemade Glühwein, the traditional mulled wine that’s a favorite in winter markets and holiday celebrations. This delightful concoction of spiced red wine, sweetened with honey and sugar, and infused with the zest of citrus fruits, is the perfect way to bring a touch of warmth to any cold day.

Gluwhein ingredients:

° Red Wine: 18 cl (6 oz) – The heart of Glühwein, rich and full-bodied.
° Nutmeg: Just a sprinkle – For that quintessential winter spice.
° Honey: A drizzle – Adds natural sweetness and richness.
° Cinnamon Stick: 1 – The key spice for that classic Glühwein aroma.
° Lemon: 1 – Sliced to infuse a fresh, tangy flavor.
° Sugar Cubes: 3 – To sweeten the mix to your liking.
° Orange: 1 – Sliced for a sweet, fruity note.

Gluwhein recipe instructions:

1) Begin by gently heating the red wine in a large pot. Remember, don’t let it boil to keep the alcohol from evaporating.
2) Add a touch of nutmeg and a good drizzle of honey, adjusting according to your taste.
3) Pop in the cinnamon stick for that spicy warmth.
4) Add the slices of lemon and orange to the pot, bringing a burst of citrus.
5) Sweeten the mixture with sugar cubes, stirring until they’re completely dissolved.
6) Let everything simmer on low heat for about 15-20 minutes, allowing the flavors to beautifully come together.
7) Serve the Glühwein hot, maybe with an extra cinnamon stick or slice of citrus for garnish.

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