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Harvey Wallbanger

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Harvey Wallbanger Description

How to prepare the Harvey Wallbanger cocktail?

Immerse yourself in the nostalgic charm of the Harvey Wallbanger Cocktail, a beloved classic with timeless appeal. Crafted with care, this iconic blend marries the smoothness of 4.50 cl of Vodka with the herbal notes of 3.00 cl of Galliano, all harmonized by the refreshing zest of 12.00 cl of Orange juice. Garnished with a slice of orange and a Maraschino cherry, each sip offers a delightful balance of citrusy sweetness and herbal richness. Elevate your cocktail experience and savor the vintage elegance of the Harvey Wallbanger Cocktail!

Harvey Wallbanger cocktail ingredients:

° Vodka: 4.50 cl (approximately 1.5 oz)
° Galliano: 3.00 cl (approximately 1 oz), Galliano ads a smooth and slightly sweet taste with a lingering herbal complexity
° Orange Juice: 12.00 cl (approximately 4 oz)
° Garnish: 1 slice Orange, 1 Maraschino cherry

Harvey Wallbanger recipe instructions:

1) Chill the Glass: Begin by chilling a highball glass to maintain optimal temperature.
2) Combine Ingredients: In the glass, pour Vodka, Galliano, and Orange juice.
3) Stir Gently: Stir the ingredients gently to combine.
4) Add Ice: Add ice cubes to the glass to chill the cocktail.
5) Garnish: Garnish with a slice of orange and a Maraschino cherry for an inviting presentation.
6) Serve Immediately: Present and enjoy this classic libation promptly, embracing the vintage elegance of the Harvey Wallbanger Cocktail!

Harvey Wallbanger origin and history:

The Harvey Wallbanger mixed drink was invented in 1952 by world champion mixologist Donato Antone also name “Duke”. The Duke owned the Blackwatch Bar in Los Angeles and named the drink after a surfer, named Tom Harvey, who frequented his bar.

Legend has it that after losing a surfing competition, Harvey drowned his sorrows in a mix of vodka, Galliano, and orange juice, resulting in the birth of the cocktail.

May 13 1806 marks the publication date of the first definition of a cocktail.

The Harvey Wallbanger drink is the cocktail of the day for May 13 when World Cocktail Day is celebrated.

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