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Hugo Spritz

Hugo Spritz Ingredients

Hugo Spritz Toppings

Hugo Spritz Description

How to prepare a Hugo Spritz cocktail?

For the Hugo Spritz recipe we prepare the cocktail directly in the glass.

Slightly crush the mint in a Milord glass.

Add some ice cubes and pour the Prosecco and the soda water in the glass.

Decorate your Hugo Spritz drink with a sprig of mint and a lime slice.

Instead of soda water you can use 4 cl of apple juice and decorate your Hugo Spritz mixed drink with an apple slice.

The Hugo Spritz was invented by Roland Gruber, a barman from South Tyrol in Italy. He created it as an alternative to the Spritz Veneziano, also known as the Aperol Spritz. The name was chosen at random by Roland Gruber. Initially he had chosen to name the cocktail Otto. But he changed the name because he didn’t think it suited the drink.

The Hugo Spritz is our cocktail of the day on October 13. Sacha Baron Cohen, one of the main characters in the 3D movie Hugo, has his birthday on that day.


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