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Independence cocktail

Independence cocktail Ingredients

Independence cocktail Description

Learn how to prepare the perfect Independence cocktail recipe. The Independence cocktail is a creation of our friend RK Marathe who made this cocktail to celebrate the independence of India.

The secret of this cocktail lies in the ice cubes used The different coloured layers are made with different types of ice and ice cubes. The green layer is made by mango pulp mixed with ice. The white layer is made of normal ice. The saffron layer is made with fresh blood orange juice mixed with ice.

First build up the layers with ice in a nice longdrink glass. Then take a shaker with ice and add the fresh lime juice, the syrup, the vodka and the mint leaves. Shake everything well and double strain into a mixing glass. Then gently pour this over the ice in the longdrink glass. Top up your Indepence cocktail with some lemonade or 7Up.


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