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Kentucky Mule

Kentucky Mule Ingredients

Kentucky Mule Toppings

Kentucky Mule Description

How to make a Kentucky Mule cocktail:

Experience the allure of the Kentucky Mule, a delightful rendition of the famed Moscow Mule that celebrates the depth and character of bourbon whiskey. Crafted with precision, this enchanting libation combines 2 oz of Kentucky’s finest bourbon whiskey with a dash of lime juice, all elevated by 4 oz of effervescent ginger beer. Adorned with lime slices and mint sprigs, each sip offers a symphony of flavors that dance on the palate. Elevate your cocktail repertoire and savor the distinctive charm of the Kentucky Mule!

Kentucky Mule recipe ingredients:

° Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey: 2 oz (approximately 60 ml) – Infuses richness and complexity.
° Lime Juice: 1 oz (approximately 30 ml) – Adds a bright citrusy note.
° Ginger Beer: 4 oz (approximately 120 ml) – Provides a refreshing fizz.
° Garnish: Lime slices and mint sprigs – Enhances aroma and visual appeal.

Kentucky Mule cocktail instructions:

1) Chill the Mug: Begin by chilling a copper mug or highball glass for an optimal drinking experience and add some ice.
2) Pour Bourbon: Carefully measure and pour 2 oz of Kentucky bourbon whiskey into the chilled vessel.
3) Squeeze Lime: Add 1 oz of freshly squeezed lime juice, balancing the flavors.
4) Top with Ginger Beer: Finish with 4 oz of ginger beer, allowing it to mingle with the whiskey-lime mixture.
5) Garnish and Serve: Garnish with lime slices and mint sprigs for a final touch of freshness. Serve immediately and enjoy the captivating allure of the Kentucky Mule!

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