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Mascletá Virus

Mascletá Virus Ingredients

Mascletá Virus Toppings

Mascletá Virus Description

The Mascletá Virus is a cocktail created by Danny Ya Mono.

“This cocktail was made with what I had at home during quarantine on a day when the traditional Masceltá pyrotechnic display of Fallas Festival was canceled.
My alternative name for this cocktail is Mascletá-19.”

For the Mascletá Virus we use a traditional sized Old Fashioned glass.

Danny suggests the following extra touches:

1. As a whiskey use a rye whiskey like Sazerac or Bulleit, but any good rye can do.
2. A la Sazerac, rinse the glass with Herbero (an Anise based drink, which you can substitute with any other similar Anise or herb based drink).
3. Add a twist of mandarin (or orange).

These two final details really add an extra detail and make it more Valencian. (Oranges and Herbero are both famous products of Valencian region.)

Mascletá Virus Video

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