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Mexican Bulldog Margarita

Mexican Bulldog Margarita Ingredients

Mexican Bulldog Margarita Toppings

Mexican Bulldog Margarita Description

Learn how the prepare the famous Mexican Bulldog or the Mexican Bulldog Margarita.

For the Mexican Bulldog cocktail pour the tequila, the triple sec, the lime juice, the orange juice and the syrup into a blender.

Add ice and blend everything well. Pour the Mexican Bulldog in a wide glass or in a mini pitcher.

Garnish your Mexican Bulldog Margarita with an inverted Corona beer.

Add some straws and finish your Mexican Bulldog with a lime or lemon wedge.


The Mexican Bulldog Margarita is our cocktail of the day on September 13.

On that dat Dia de los Ninos Heroes (Día de los Niños Héroes)is celebrated in Mexico.

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