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Porto Flip

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How to make the Porto Flip cocktail?

Step into a realm of decadence with the Porto Flip, an opulent cocktail that harks back to the golden age of mixology. This drink is a harmonious blend of the sweet, complex flavors of Tawny Port with the rich warmth of Brandy, all brought together by the silky texture of a whole egg. A dusting of nutmeg adds the perfect spice, making this cocktail a sublime choice for those special moments of relaxation.

Porto Flip cocktail ingredients:

° Tawny Port: 1 1/2 oz (45 ml) – Brings a sophisticated sweetness to your glass.
° Brandy: 1/2 oz (15 ml) – Infuses the cocktail with a deep, mellow warmth.
° Whole Egg: 1 (opt for just the yolk for extra richness) – Transforms the drink with its creamy consistency.
° Nutmeg: Just a sprinkle for garnish – Elevates the drink with its aromatic spice.

Porto Flip recipe instructions:

1) Blend Your Base: In a shaker, gently combine the Tawny Port, Brandy, and the whole egg. For those seeking an even more sumptuous texture, using just the yolk is your secret weapon.
2) Shake to Perfection: Start with a vigorous dry shake (no ice) to emulsify the egg, ensuring a seamless blend. Follow up with a round of shaking over ice to chill the concoction thoroughly.
3) Elegant Presentation: Strain your creation into a pre-chilled cocktail glass to preserve its chilled essence.
4) Final Flourish: Grate a touch of nutmeg directly over the cocktail for a fragrant finish that complements its rich flavors.

The Porto Flip isn’t just a cocktail; it’s an experience. Its luxurious blend of Tawny Port and Brandy, made velvety smooth with egg and aromatic with nutmeg, offers a sip of sophistication. Ideal for ending your day on a high note or savoring during a quiet evening in, this cocktail promises a journey of flavors in every glass.

As port is the national drink of Portugal, The Porto Flip mixed drink is the cocktail of the day for February 5 when Portuguese soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates his birthday.

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