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Rainbow Sangria

Rainbow Sangria Ingredients

Rainbow Sangria Description

Learn how to prepare the best Rainbow Sangria. For the Rainbow Sangria recipe we use mandarin oranges. First slice the kiwi, the pineapple, the mango, the strawberries and the mandarin oranges.

Take a large pitcher and first add the blackberries. I like to crush them a little before adding the other fruits. Then layer the blueberries, the kiwis, the pineapple, the mango, the mandarin oranges and the stawberries.

Stir the triple sec, the white wine, the juice of the three limes and the sugar in a separate bowl. Stir  until well combined.

Pour this mixture into the pitcher with the fruits and stir a little.

Serve your Rainbow Sangria in to nice large glasses.

The Rainbow Sangria is the cocktail of the day for December 20 when National Sangria Day is celebrated.


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