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Sailor’s Rum Punch

Sailor’s Rum Punch Ingredients

Sailor’s Rum Punch Toppings

Sailor’s Rum Punch Description

How to prepare the Sailor’s Rum Punch recipe?

Embrace the art of cocktail making with our Sailor’s Rum Punch, a drink that’s as fun to make as it is to sip. This punch is a wonderful medley of rum’s warmth, the sharpness of lime, the sweetness of orange juice, and a hint of complexity from Angostura bitters. Topped with fresh fruits, it’s not just a drink; it’s a centerpiece.

Sailor’s Rum Punch ingredients:

° Rum: 3 measures – A versatile spirit that forms the backbone of our punch.
° Lime Juice: 1 measure – For that essential citrus zing.
° Orange Juice: 4 measures – For a fruity and refreshing twist.
° Sugar Syrup: 2 measures – To add a touch of sweetness.
° Angostura Bitters: Just a dash – It’s all about adding layers of flavor.
° Ice: Enough to keep things cool.
° Fruits for Garnish: Strawberries, peaches, and assorted berries – They’re not just garnishes; they’re part of the punch’s soul.

Sailor’s Rum Punch preparation:

1) Take a large pitcher or a punch bowl and pour in the rum, lime juice, sugar syrup, and orange juice.
2) Add a dash or two of Angostura bitters and give it a good stir.
3) Fill the container with ice to keep the punch nice and chilled.
4) Now for the fun part – add slices of strawberries, peaches, and a handful of berries. The more, the merrier.
5) When serving, make sure each glass gets a good mix of fruits.

The Sailor’s Rum Punch is the cocktail of the day for 6 December when St. Nicholas Day is celebrated.

Santa Claus is the modern-day version of St. Nicholas. He’s the patron of school children, travelers and sailors, thus making Sailor’s Rum Punch the ideal cocktail to drink that day.

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