Sailor’s Rum Punch

Sailor’s Rum Punch Ingredients

Sailor’s Rum Punch Toppings

Sailor’s Rum Punch Description

How to prepare the Sailor’s Rum Punch?

For the Sailor’s Rum Punch recipe mix the lime juice, the sugar syrup, the Rum and Angostura Bitters.

Let it rest and then mix the Orange juice in.

Serve your Sailor’s Rum Punch in a highball glass with some ice.

Decorate your Sailor’s Rum Punch with fruit.

The Sailor’s Rum Punch is the cocktail of the day for 6 December when St. Nicholas Day is celebrated.

Santa Claus is the modern-day version of St. Nicholas.

He’s the patron of school children, travelers and sailors, thus making Sailor’s Rum Punch the ideal cocktail to drink that day.

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