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Sangria Ingredients

Sangria Description

Learn how to make Sangria:

The Sangria recipe has many varirations, so don’t be afraid to experiment. Pour the wine, the triple sec, the cognac, the orange juice, the lemon juice, the sugar, the orange slices and the lemon slices into a bowl. You can of course add some other fruits such as apple, peach or pineapple. Often the cognac is left out. Stir well and and cool your Sangria well. Pour the Sangria into a punch bowl with ice and add the soda. Stir the Sangria before serving. Enjoy this Sangria recipe! Don’t forget to eat the fruit!

Spanish people love Sangria and that’s why it’s the cocktail of the day on 12 October to celebrate the fiesta nacional de Espana or Hispanic Day.

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