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Sazerac Ingredients

Sazerac Toppings

Sazerac Description

Here you find the original Sazerac cocktail recipe. For the Sazerac cocktail, first fill a tumbler glass with ice. Pour a dash of absinthe on the crushed ice and stir well. Make sure that the glass is really cold and that the absinthe is well spread over the glass. Pour the cognac in a mixing glass. For the Sazerac cocktail recipe the cognac is often replaced by Sazerac rye whiskey.

Add the peychaud bitters and the sugar water. Add some ice cubes and stir for about ten seconds.

Take the crushed ice and the absinthe out of the tumbler glass and strain the Sazerac cocktail into the glass.

Cut a zest of lemon above the Sazerac drink and pinch in it. Rub the lemon zest around the rim of glass and put the zest into the Sazerac mixed drink.

The Sazerac is a classic American cocktail. That’s why it’s the cocktail of the day for April 13 when Thomas Jefferson Day is celebrated. This day is in honor of the third President of the United States who was the author of the Declaration of Independence in 1776.

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