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How to make the Sidecar cocktail?

For the Sidecar recipe first fill a shaker with ice. Add the cognac, the triple sec and the lemon juice.

Shake your Sidecar mixed drink well. Strain your Sidecar drink into a cocktail glass.

People say the Sidecar was first prepared around the end of the first wold war. Some say it is invented in Paris, others claim that London is the founding city of this cocktail.

The Ritz in Paris claims that they invented the Sidecar cocktail but also the Buck’s club in London is named as the place were this cocktail was invented.

Another variation of the Sidecar is the Chelsea Sidecar where basically the cognac is replaced by gin.

The classic Sidecar recipe is the cocktail of the day for April 11, when petrolhead Jeremy Clarkson celebrates his birthday.

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