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Slippery Nipple

Slippery Nipple Ingredients

Slippery Nipple Description

Learn how to make the perfect Slippery Nipple shot recipe.

For the Slippery Nipple shot pour the sambuca in a shot glass.

Layer the baileys perfectly on top of the sambuca and the Slippery Nipple shot is ready.

Sometimes people put a little cherry on the bottom to make it look like the nipple.

But there are more variations of the Slippery Nipple shot: a part of the baileys is replaced with grenadine or with vodka.

Some people say the Slippery Nipple shot was invented by Lucas Lando Klausen during the 1980s when we saw a revival of cocktails and shots.

The name of the shot is typical for that period where other funny or suggestive cocktail names were launched such as the sex on the beach cocktail.

Some other famous variants of the Slippery Nipple shot are: the buttery nipple shot ot the shitty nipple shot (grappa & baileys).


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