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Spicy Fifty

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Spicy Fifty Description

Learn how to make the Spicy Fifty cocktail recipe:

Immerse yourself in the tantalizing flavor journey of the Spicy Fifty cocktail, a masterful blend that balances sweetness with a fiery kick. Crafted with precision, this invigorating concoction combines 50 ml of Vodka Vanilla with 15 ml of Elderflower Cordial, enhanced by 15 ml of fresh Lime Juice and a dash of Honey Syrup. Elevated with a slice of red chili pepper, each sip of this sophisticated cocktail promises a harmonious fusion of flavors. Elevate your mixology game and savor the unique charm of the Spicy Fifty!

Spicy Fifty cocktail ingredients:

° Vodka Vanilla: 50 ml (approximately 1.7 oz) – Infuses a smooth and aromatic vanilla essence.
° Elderflower Cordial: 15 ml (approximately 0.5 oz) – Adds floral sweetness and depth.
° Lime Juice: 15 ml (approximately 0.5 oz) – Provides a zesty and citrusy kick.
° Honey Syrup: 10 ml (approximately 0.3 oz) – Adds a touch of sweetness and richness.
° Red Chili Pepper: 1 slice – Enhances aroma and adds spice.

Spicy Fifty recipe instructions:

1) Chill the Glass: Begin by chilling a cocktail glass to maintain optimal temperature.
2) Combine Ingredients: In a shaker, mix 50 ml of Vodka Vanilla, 15 ml of Elderflower Cordial, 15 ml of Lime Juice, and 10 ml of Honey Syrup.
3) Add Chili Pepper: Incorporate a slice of red chili pepper to the shaker, adjusting spice level as desired.
4) Shake Well: Vigorously shake the ingredients with ice until thoroughly mixed and chilled.
5) Strain and Serve: Strain the cocktail into the chilled glass for a smooth pour.
6) Garnish: Finish with an additional slice of red chili pepper for visual appeal.
7) Serve Immediately: Present and enjoy this bold and flavorful libation, embracing the unique allure of the Spicy Fifty!

The Spicy Fifty drink is an IBA Official Cocktail.

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