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Tequila Old Fashioned

Tequila Old Fashioned Ingredients

Tequila Old Fashioned Toppings

Tequila Old Fashioned Description

How to make the Tequila Old Fashioned cocktail recipe:

Tequila Old Fashioned cocktail ingredients:

° Tequila 2oz (6 cl)
Role: Tequila serves as the base spirit of the cocktail, replacing the traditional whiskey found in a classic Old Fashioned. It provides the foundational flavor and alcoholic backbone.
Flavor: Depending on the type of tequila used (Blanco, Reposado, or Añejo), the flavor can range from bright and peppery (Blanco) to smooth and slightly sweet with hints of oak and vanilla (Reposado and Añejo). Reposado or Añejo tequilas are often preferred for their depth and complexity, which complement the cocktail’s other components well.
° Hibiscus Syrup 1/4 oz (0.75 cl)
Role: Hibiscus syrup adds sweetness and a floral, tangy flavor to the cocktail, balancing the strong character of the tequila and the bitterness of the bitters.
Flavor: Made from steeped hibiscus flowers, this syrup imparts a deep ruby color and a tart, berry-like flavor reminiscent of cranberries. Its floral notes add a unique dimension to the cocktail, creating a more complex and intriguing taste profile.
° Rhubarb Bitters (3 dashes)
Role: Bitters are used to add complexity and depth to cocktails, enhancing the overall flavor profile with their concentrated botanical extracts.
Flavor: Rhubarb bitters, specifically, contribute a slightly bitter, tart, and fruity flavor that pairs well with the sweetness of the hibiscus syrup and the robustness of tequila. The choice of Rhubarb Bitters by Fee Brothers, Inc. brings a unique twist, offering a subtle vegetal and spicy note that complements the cocktail’s other ingredients.
° Garnish: Lime
Role: The lime garnish adds an aromatic element to the cocktail, inviting the drinker in with its fresh, citrus scent. It also provides a visual appeal.
Flavor: When squeezed into the drink, a lime garnish can add a touch of acidity, brightening up the cocktail and balancing the sweetness of the syrup and the richness of the tequila.

Tequila Old Fashioned recipe instructions:

1) Prepare your glass: Start by placing a large ice cube in a rocks glass.
2) Combine the ingredients: Add 6 cl of Tequila, 0.75 cl of Hibiscus Syrup, and 3 dashes of Rhubarb Bitters directly into the glass.
3) Stir: Use a bar spoon to gently stir the mixture in the glass until well chilled. This should take around 30 seconds to ensure that the flavors are well combined and the drink is sufficiently chilled.
4) Garnish: Cut a thin slice of lime for garnish. You can either add it directly into the glass or place it on the rim as a decorative and aromatic addition.
5) Serve: Enjoy your Tequila Old Fashioned, a modern twist on the classic cocktail that combines the rich flavors of tequila with the unique tartness of hibiscus syrup and the distinctive taste of rhubarb bitters.

This recipe offers a delightful variation on the traditional Old Fashioned cocktail, substituting tequila for the usual whiskey and adding unique flavors through hibiscus syrup and rhubarb bitters. The result is a refreshing and complex drink that’s perfect for sipping.

This cocktail and photo were brought to us by Cocktails By BMoe.

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