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Tequila Sunrise

Tequila Sunrise Ingredients

Tequila Sunrise Toppings

Tequila Sunrise Description

How to prepare the best Tequila Sunrise cocktail?

Pour the Tequila into a highball glass with ice. Add the orange juice. Stir your Tequila Sunrise well.

Slowly add the grenadine to your Tequila Sunrise and your Tequila Sunrise recipe is ready.

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Tequila is of course on of the favorite alcoholic drinks of Mexico.

The Tequila Sunrise mixed drink is the cocktail of the day on 16 September to celebrate Día de la Independencia in Mexico.

The name of the cocktail comes from its colors which look like a sunrise.

The original Tequila Sunrise cocktail recipe was made with the following ingredients: tequila, soda, lime juice and crème de cassis. It was served in a hotel in Arizona around 1930.

The later version with orange juice, tequila and grenadine was created in California in the 1970’s.

According to a story on wikipedia Mick Jagger discovered the tequila sunrise in the Trident hotel in 1972 and spread it via their tour they ware having at that moment.

Three of our favorite tequila cocktails are the paloma, the long island iced tea and the margarita.



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