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Touchdown Ingredients

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Touchdown Description

How to prepare the perfect Touchdown cocktail or punch recipe?

Touchdown cocktail description:

Get ready to shake up a Touchdown cocktail, a drink that’s as fun and vibrant as its name suggests. This cocktail is a perfect mix for those who love the combination of tropical flavors with a smooth vodka base. It’s a blend of sweet apricot liqueur and tangy passion fruit juice, balanced with a hint of lemon and syrup, making it a hit at any gathering.

Touchdown cocktail ingredients:

° Vodka: 4 cl (1.5 oz) – The smooth and versatile spirit base.
° Apricot Liqueur: 2 cl (0.70 oz) – Adds a layer of sweet fruitiness.
° Passion Fruit Juice: 15 cl (5 oz) – For a burst of tropical flavor.
° Lemon Juice: 2 cl (0.70 oz) – A touch of citrus to brighten the drink.
° Syrup: 1 cl (0.35 oz) – To sweeten the mix just right.

Touchdown cocktail preparation:

1) Start by filling a shaker with ice – the first step to a chilled, refreshing cocktail.
2) Pour in the vodka, apricot liqueur, passion fruit juice, lemon juice, and syrup.
3) Shake it all together vigorously until the cocktail is well-chilled and the flavors are beautifully combined.
4) Pour the mixture into a chilled glass for a smooth and elegant presentation.
5) You can garnish with a lemon slice and a cherry for an extra pop of color and freshness.

The Touchdown is often served as a punch. It is a well-known drink to bring people in a party mood. I’d suggest you try it at your next party 🙂

The touchdown is made with apricot liqueur so it is the ideal cocktail on January 9 when Apricot Day is celebrated.

Also try the cocktail of the day for January 8, the Blue Suede Shoes cocktail, when we celebrate the birthday of Elvis Presley.

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