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Watermelon mint julep popsicle

Watermelon mint julep popsicle Ingredients

Watermelon mint julep popsicle Description

How to make the watermelon mint julep popsicle. For the watermelon mint julep popsicle recipe you take 6 cups with cubes of seedless watermelon. Tehn take some mint, chop it well and put it to the side.

Put the watermelon, the white granulated sugar, the lime juice and the bourbon into a blender. Blend well until this has a liqiuid and even consistency.

Pour the watermelon mint julep popsicles into the molds and let them freeze. After some 40 minutes, when the watermelon mint julep popsicles are half frozen, stir a little of mint into the molds.

Put in the wooden stick and freeze until solid. For the watermelon mint julep popsicles this will take about 24 hours.


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