50 reasons to date a bartender

Please comment to let us know what you think is the best reason to date a bartender!

You should date a bartender because…

1 they are good listeners

2 you’ll get free drinks – from France 2016 Football Quiz

3 they are good in bed because they had sex with a lot of people

4 they are the masters of small talk – from Ron The Bartender

5 bartenders are hard working – from Corey Hayes

6 they are social butterflies – from European Bartender School

7 they have a good stamina, so you won’t be dating someone lazy

8 there’ll be plenty of space in bed because they’re working

9 when they come home they have really good stories to tell

10 they know the best alcoholic brands

Some more things you should know before dating a bartender…

11 they are good at serving people

12 they are friendly – from Mario Filippe

13 you’ll have nights and evenings all to yourself

14 bartenders have mornings off so they can make you breakfast

15 due to the nature of the work they are strong and can open all jars

16 they get you drunk – from Pour People Mixology

17 you can pass by their work without it being strange

18 they’re cool! Just look at Tom Cruise in the movie Cocktail

19 they always know which bars are still open

20 being exposed to music all the time, they are great dancers

And ten more reasons why you should be dating a bartender…

21 they are charming, witty and have a fantastic sense of humor – from http://www.bartendingontario.com/

22 they have working relationships with bartenders at other bars so won’t have to wait for a drink – from 68 The Podcast

23 bartenders are practically psychologists – from Mano Negra ByE

24 they aren’t insecure and don’t get intimidated easily 

25 they care about your feelings – from Sunny Singh

26 bartenders are in good shape

27 they can handle a drink

28 they are pretty, handsome or down right hot – from Shannon Rice

29 they are always the first to know new drinks. Yeah!

30 they know all the best gossip

We list 10 more things that will happen when you date a bartender…

31 they can prepare the best cocktails

32 they will always take care of you – from Lisa Reyes

33 you won’t feel suffocated in your relationship because they’re at work all the time – from BartenderOne Toronto

34 they’ll impress your friends at parties because they can shake and stir – from Gabriella

35 they have “cures” for hangovers

36 they can go shopping on Mondays

37 You always know where they are on a Friday or Saturday night – from Juli Oates

38 they know how to deal with you when you’ re drunk

39 they pay attention to how they look

40 bartenders can get you into clubs you could never get in

Still thinking, should I be dating a barkeeper…

41 you’ll get great cocktails at home – from Matt Felice

42 they know how to party

43 bartenders always use the correct cocktail glass

44 they are professional conversationalists – from https://www.instagram.com/alexludovico/

45 The bartender makes all the tip money by flirting with guys/girls that they will eventually spend on you, so don’t be that jealous person and enjoy the show – from Trudy Hogg

46 bartenders have good palettes and are typically good cooks as well – from Matt Felice

47 they have a big social network

48 they can make every dinner extraordinary by knowing what spirit pairs with our food – from Pour People Mixology

49 bartenders know the best bars to spend a good evening – from Nicolás Osuna

50 bartenders have friends all over the world – from European Bartender School

The reasons to date a bartender are listed randomly. If you think of a good reason why to date a barman or barmaid you can comment below or contact us so we can add it to our list. Provide us with your name and website or social media account if you want us to link your reason to date a bartender back to you. If a reason to date a barkeeper doesn’t have a name next to it yet you can claim it for you and we’ll add your name to it.

We are looking forward to hearing what you think is the best reason to date a barkeeper! Please comment below…

Why you should always tip the bartender.

People can be divided into good tippers and bad tippers. Good tippers normally get better service while bad tippers often have the feeling to be ignored while waiting at the bar.

There are many reasons to tip a bartender well. If you think of a good reason to tip the bartender you can comment below or contact us so we can add it to our list.

Provide us with your name and website or social media account if you want us to link your reason to tip a bartender back to you.

We are looking forward to hearing your reasons why to tip a barkeeper!

Bartenders deserve a nice tip because…

1. Tipping a bartender will lead to faster service

2. You’ll get stiffer drinks

3. You’ll get one or more free drink(s)

4. Bartenders have to deal with you when you are drunk

5. You’ll get better service

6. The bartender will be keeping the bar wiped down so your arms won’t stick to the bar

7. The bartender can cut you off when you have too much to drink

8. The IRS taxes bartenders on an estimated 8% of tips

9. The bartender will be much more pleasant

10. For bartenders it is a substantial part of their income

11. It is a nice way of showing off

12. You don’t want the server to think badly of you

13. You know the bartender gets paid a miserable hourly wage

14. It takes time to make a good cocktail and that should be paid well

15. You spend more time with the bartender than you do with your wife/husband

16. They tip out the barback who changes kegs, brings ice, and runs for supplies keeping things behind the bar running smoothly — David CurtisBartenderLife

17. You secretly have an eye on the bartender or barmaid – Carol Drinks –  Carol Drinks

18. The bartender has the last say in whether you get served or not – Michael CrabbeMichael Crabbe

19. You keep voting to lower the minimum wage and the bartender is already in poverty – Karl Michael MayKarl Michael May

20. The bartender will make you’re drink ten times better than if you’re not tipping! – Stephen WilksThe Victoria, Birmingham

21. You are ppreciating the service – Kiki BhutiaRIBS restaurant & bar

22. …

23. …

24. …

25. …

26. …

27. …

28. …

29. …

30. …

Feel free to comment on why you think people should tip the bartender!!

And of course don’t forget top tip the bartender generously next time  smiley

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