The best coffee cocktails

Coffee cocktails are cocktails based on coffee or espresso.

Traditional cocktails almost always include alcohol but coffee cocktails don”t necessarilly do. Many good coffee cocktails contain alcohol (halleluja) but there are also some famous coffee cocktails without alcohol.

What will do the job? Espresso or cold brew?

Most cocktail recipes will tall you to use cold espresso. But honestly, aither of them will do the job. When using cold brew it is important to concentrate the coffee. If not, the coffee will water down the cocktail. Also when using espresso it is important to make concentrated enough.

Mixing coffee with what?

Coffee was for a long time underestimated as a cocktail ingredient. It is quite surprising how well coffee mixes with certain alcoholic ingredients. But coffee also mixes well with other non-alcoholic ingredients. Everyone of course knows coffe with milk. But also with lemonade or orange juice mixed with coffee one can create some nice drinks.

  • Coffee with orange juice: 2 parts  coffee and 1 part orange juice
  • Coffee with lemonade: 1 part coffee and 2 parts lemonade
  • Coffee with orange juice ans sletzer water: 2 parts seltzer water, 1 part coffee and 1 part orange juice
  • Coffee with milk and syrup: 2 parts coffe, 1 part milk and 0,5 part syrup

Make sure to always use cold espresso ord cold coffee brew.

Some famous coffee cocktailsSome of the most famous drinks and cocktail are based on cold espresso or coffee brew. We listed some of the most  famous cocktails with coffee.

Irish Coffee

One of are favorite coffee cocktails with coffee and whiskey as its main ingredients. This coffee cocktail is made with warm coffee, whiskey, cream and sugar.

Carribean Coffee

This coffe cocktail is basically the same as the Irish Coffee where the whiskey as replaced with rum: warm coffee, rum, cream and sugar.

Espresso Martini

One of the most popular cocktails is the coffee based Espresso Martini. Combine espresso with coffee liqueur and vodka. That’s how easy a famous cocktail can be

Vodka Espresso

This coffee cocktail is based on espresso and vodka. It also needs some sugar and some amarula.

Affogato Martini

The Affogato Martini is also a cocktail based on coffee and vodka. You could say it is a a Vodka Espresso with a twist. It is basically a combination of vodka, coffee liqueur and expresso with a scoop of vanilla ice cream to the side.

Coffee popcorn

If you like it a bit different and without alcohol then you should try the coffee popcorn cocktail. Put some espresso, popcorn syrup and cream in a blender with ice.

And there are of course many more coffee cocktails. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have a cool coffee cocktail recipe to share. We are happy to bring it online.



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