The most dangerous drinks

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The most dangerous drinks!

With the student season back on track it’s time to zoom into the most dangerous drinks around.

Throwing a party? In for a drinking game? Or just want to get hammered asap?

Here are some drink that will do the job…

Dead deer

My all-time favorite killer shot! Whiskey meets jägermeister.

The nice thing about the dead dear shooter is that is gets immediately into your head.

Two means fun, four means danger and six or more… well just discover it yourself. I don’t remember… A really dangerous drink!

Dead bird

More of this but a little different… Replace the whiskey with wild turkey

The effects are comparable with the effects of the dead deer shot. Perfect for bourbon lovers. But take care, it remains a dangerous drink.

I suppose some people also will call it the the dead turkey.

Dead from within

This nasty bugger is a combination of vodka, white rum and dark rum.

It doesn’t sound that dangerous but i dare you to smash a couple of them…

The guaranteed hangover comes along with it for free.

Dead Nazi

I don’t know and I don’t want to know where the name comes from.

But the fact is that this terrible drink is a mixture of jägermeister and rumple minze.

The mixture of the jägermeister with the pepper schnapps will do the job. A really dangerous drink.

Three wise men

Something for whiskey lovers: Jim beam, jack daniels and johnnie walker…

The name of this dangerous drink is derived from the recipe.

It blends three types of whiskey together: scotch whiskey, tennessee whiskey ad kentucky bourbon. Brain damage guaranteed!

Urine sample

Want to impress your friends with something nasty? Well put tequila and bacardi 151 together and you’ll have what is called a urine sample.

Need I say more? Warm it a little bit up if you dare. This shot leads to unbearable headaches, bad memories and hangovers as never before.

And of course there are the famous flaming shot recipes: the Burning Smurf, the B52,

Let the games begin!

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