The most important tips for the perfect cocktail

Cocktail perfect

Have you ever wondered how to make the perfect cocktail? You did everything by the book but still your cocktail is missing that extra touch? Maybe you did not respect some of the simple but really important rules when making your favorite cocktail.

People often tend to forget them, that’s a fact! Most of these rules aren’t complicated at all, so a little reminder won’t harm at all.

There are loads of simple tips and tricks for the perfect cocktail that we are happy to share with you. Will start with seven tips in a series of many…

Use fresh ingredients

Use fresh instead of canned or bottled ingredients. Often bottled mixers will contain additives. Especially when using fruits or fruit juices it is best to use them fresh.

Drinks with only spirits have to be stirred

Cocktails with only spirits have to be stirred. This will lead to a crystal clear and rich looking drink.

The most famous example is the Martini (yes, 007 got it wrong). But this also counts for the Negroni, the Manhattan and many others.

Of course shaking your drink in that typical way makes you feel like a real professional bartender. I suppose that is way it is often so hard to respect this rule.

If you have ingredients to muddle: do it lightly

A lot of cocktails are made of muddled mint, lemons or limes. If so, most of the times it is best to muddle lightly.

This avoids you to release some bitter chemicals into the drink. The trick is to remain gentle, especially with the Moijto.

Oranges are best freshly squeezed

Oranges should be used fresh in a cocktail. Once the orange is squeezed, it will start to go bitter.

The longer you wait the more bitter they will get. Again a simple trick, just try it once with your Harvey Wallbanger.

Blended drinks need some extra sugar

Blended drinks are made with a lot of ice. This dillutes the flavor and makes the cocktail a little watery.

Therefore some extra suger should be added to flavor up your perfect cocktail. Sometimes i use some sugar syrup instead of sugar like in the Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri.

Match the glass and the drink temperature

When you make a cold cocktail, chilling the glass before will keep the drink colder for a longer time.

Fill the glass therefore with crushed ice or cold water and dump it before you put your cocktail in. Also for warm drinks, you best first warm before filling it. Important if you want your cocktail to be really perfect.

Invest in Cocktail Glasses

The final presentation counts for a large part of the cocktail. Need I say more. Learn more about cocktail glasses in our blog article.

So don’t forget these rules when you want to create the perfect cocktail.

To be continued!!

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