Why Tequila Sunrise is the Best Cocktail to opt for Your Next Party

Tequila sunrise

Why tequila sunrise is the best cocktail to opt for your next party.


When it comes to alcohol, there is no dearth of suitable combinations for every mood and occasion. Whether you want to drink a cold beer while catching up with old friends or prefer a strong Johnnie Walker after a hard day at work, your choice of alcohol can reveal a lot about who you are and what your temperament is like. Having said this, when going to a party, picking the right cocktail can help you have an excellent (and, hopefully, not messy) night.

Cocktails are hugely popular at parties for two main reasons. To begin with, it is super fun to watch the bartender prepare them. The various tricks and techniques used by bartenders to prepare cocktails are now popularly linked with trendy and fashionable parties, thus, making cocktails the preferred drink of choice. Two, there is always a cocktail for everyone. Out of the many cocktails you can choose from, the Tequila sunrise cocktail is known for its colors, resembling the gradients of a sunrise; its unique taste, and its ability to get people high and happy quickly! This is what has made this cocktail one of the most popular drinks at parties and one that people often opt for.

Listed below are some of the most common reasons why the popularity of this tequila-based cocktail is on the rise:

1. Tequila has several surprising health benefits

Excessive consumption of any alcohol can have many damaging effects on health, including injury to the liver, heart, or kidneys. On the other hand, drinking in moderation may help you to obtain some of the benefits associated with certain types of alcohol. While a glass of wine is believed to help improve blood circulation, in the case of tequila, such benefits would be in the form of better digestion, improved sleep, and the control of blood sugar, among other things. These benefits are primarily the result of a compound found in the tequila plant called agave tequilana that can aid in these aspects.

2. Tequila does not contain gluten

For many gym buffs, tequila is the alcohol of choice as it has several healthy properties, such as weight regulation and being good for the bones. While no one has proved that alcohol can help you lose or shed weight, the gluten content in certain alcohol, like beer, can do the opposite and make you gain weight. However, as tequila does not contain gluten, it does not add to weight gain the way beer does. Thus, it can help you have a pleasant time without affecting the progress you may have made on your summer body.

3. Pretty Colors

The pretty colors associated with this cocktail also makes it an eye-catching and fun beverage to drink at a party. The different shades of orange contained in the drink can help you stand out at a party. Furthermore, the colors perfectly go with the summer season and orange juice can also make it a refreshing beverage to consume.

4. An Easy Recipe

Another reason why you should serve the Tequila sunrise cocktail at a party is that it is easy to prepare. The cocktail is made out of tequila, grenadine, and orange juice. Thus, it is easy to replicate the mixture and serve it. Given below is the complete recipe for the cocktail:

•    Add approximately 2 ounces of your choice of tequila (don julio 1942) into a highball glass.

•    Next, add 4 ounces of fresh orange juice, followed by a quarter of an ounce (1/4) of grenadine to the mixture. Make sure that you do NOT stir the mixture as this will cause the different colors to merge.

•    Garnish the drink with an orange slice and a cherry.



5. Significance of the Drink

Finally, one of the most significant reasons to pick the Tequila sunrise is because of its fascinating rise to fame. The drink itself came into existence close to the 1970s and began to receive attention when Mick Jagger of the critically acclaimed classic rock band, The Rolling Stones, began to drink it. He enjoyed the drink so much that the band’s 1972 tour became known as “the cocaine and Tequila Sunrise tour.” This is precisely what drew so many young adults to the drink and explains its growth in popularity.


In conclusion, while alcohol is generally bad for you, it does have some good benefits that can help the body. With respect to this, the Tequila sunrise is a drink that has remained a classic not just because of the health benefits provided by tequila, but also because of its inherent visual traits, the ease of preparing the drink, and its cultural significance. Thus, we hope that this article successfully highlights the various reasons why the Tequila sunrise is the best drink to opt for at a party.

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