Your favorite pokemon as a cocktail

Pokemon cocktails

 Pokémons were very popular in the late 90s and the early 2000s and are now making a huge comeback in 2016 with the Pokémon Go app.

That’s why we’ve made a list of our 7 favorite Pokemons as a cocktail drink. Check them out and also try to prepare these cocktails with pokemon names:

1 Pikachu as a cocktail

Pikachu is Ash Ketchum’s trusted friend and pokémon. Pikachu has a yellow fur and red dots on his cheeks just like this pokemon cocktail has a yellow red mixture. This Pikachu pokemon cocktail has been made with vodka, peach liqueur and orange juice. To finish it we used a maraschino cherry. You can also add a straw and break/bend it like the lightning tail of Pikachu to give it some extra swag.

2 Charizard as a cocktail

Charizard is certainly one of the coolest Pokémons out there. Charizard is a Fire and Flying type of Pokémon and not a Dragon type. When a Charizard becomes angry, the flame which they have at the tip of their tail flares up. In the Charizard Pokemon cocktail we use a lime wedge to represent the tail and the Sambuca is perfect to create fire effect. Add some Triple sec and some dashes of cinnamon and you have your perfect Charizard mixed drink. Check out the full Charizard cocktail recipe.

3 Vaporeon as a cocktail

 Vaporeon is a water type of Pokémon and is one of Eevee’s final forms. It has a long tail which is often mistaken for a mermaid’s. In our Vaporeon Pokemon cocktail this tail is represented by a lemon slice. The Blue Curaçao gives this Vaporeon mixed drink its blue color.

4 Dragonite as a cocktail

 The Dragonite Pokémon is of course a dragon type. So obviously we used dragon fruit or pitaya to make the Dragonite cocktail. The Dragonite’s character and appearance can be described as gentle. So for this Dragonite mixed drink recipe we also used rose water and champagne. Click here for the full recipe.

5 Gengar as a cocktail

 Gengar is a ghost / poison type of Pokémon with a dark purple color, spikes on his back and a sinister grin. To obtain his color in the Gengar Pokemon cocktail we used blackberries. We garnished the Gengar drink with some mint leaves to represent his spikes and the vodka which we added will also give you a little, sinister grin.

6  Clefairy as a cocktail

 A Clefairy Pokémon is a fairy type of pokemon. And as many fairies they come in pink. What better way to give our Clefairy Pokemon cocktail a pink color than a dash of grenadine. The Clefairy is cute and charming so we made it in a nice cocktail glass and didn’t use too much alcohol.

7 Mewtwo as a cocktail

 A Mewtwo is a psychic type of Pokémon with a grey body and a purple belly and tail. For this Memtwo Pokemon cocktail we used some vodka and sugar syrup to obtain the grey color. We added a purple edible flower to represent its belly and a purple straw.


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